Ak Yapı İnşaat believes that the most important capital is human resources. In this direction, primary goal of our Human Resources Policy created for an effective and efficient working environment is to ensure an employee profile being respectful, disciplined, specialized in his/ her profession, constantly open to innovations and developments, attaching importance to occupational health and safety.

Fundamental principles of our human resources policy are:
1- To select personnel in a fair and appropriate way in conformity with presumption of equity;
2- To assign employees for duties suitable to their knowledge and skills;
3- To assess performance based on objective criteria and to establish and develop a performance based wage and awarding system;
4- To support employees’ personal development and to organize training programs;
5- To decrease personnel circulation by appointing employees having high performance to higher positions and to ensure continuity of corporate culture.

For job applications, please send your CV to the following mail address.